The StreamBucks Black
Elite Debit Card

Spend your StreamBucks cash like regular money. Just load your debit card and make purchases online and at stores, bars and restaurants.

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Use Anywhere in the World

  • Turn StreamBucks cash into dollars by withdrawing cash from ATMs around the world
  • Shop anywhere that accepts debit. Use in stores, restaurants, bill payments or online
  • Track your spending in-app
  • PCI-DSS level 1 certified, 3D Secure fraud security

Prepaid Card Features

Shop Anywhere with Our Prepaid Debit Card

It’s simple to load your prepaid card with StreamBucks from your StreamBucks multi-currency wallet. Use your card online or offline anywhere debit is accepted.

Virtual or Plastic

You may order a virtual, plastic or both. Use your digital wallet to tap and pay for products at physical merchant locations. Access your funds immediately with our virtual card.

Withdraw Cash from ATMs Around the World

Withdraw cash from ATMs around the world. Available in 210 countries and 3 million ATMs worldwide.

No Credit. Bad Credit.

Everyone is approved as long as the users pass our KYC check. Fill out the application, provide a government ID and upload a selfie and you’re all done!

Card Prices and Fees

New Card Price (Physical)

$19.95 Per Card

New Card Price (Virtual)

$9.95 Per Card

New Card Delivery Costs

Based on Location

(Free within USA)

Account Maintenance Fee


ATM PIN Decline / ATM Withdrawal Decline


ATM Withdrawal


Cash Disbursement

$5.00 + Passthrough

PIN Change


PO Purchase / Decline


Load Fee


Replacement Card (Standard Delivery)

Based on Location

Replacement Card (Expedited Delivery)

Based on Location

Account Limits

Value of Online Transactions

$1000 (US)

$2000 (International)

Single ATM Transaction Limit

$500 - $1000

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

$500 - $1000 (US)

$500 - $1500 (International)

Max Daily Load

$0 - $9000

Max Lifetime Load

Unlimited (Account Level 3)

Max lifetime unload

Unlimited (Account Level 3)

Loads Per Day


ATM Transactions Per Day


All prices, fees and limits are set by the program manager and are subject to change.

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